Jason Bare Album Artwork

  • Jason Bare - Album Artwork - Beautiful Design

Client: Jason Bare is an American Christian musician and singer-songwriter from Gastonia, North Carolina. He self-released a 2011 album entitled "Beautiful Design". Jason's song, "For the First Time" was co-written by written Nathan Walters of Plus One fame and reached the No. 1 spot on the Christian Music Weekly Worship chart and made it into the Top 30 of Billboard’s Soft AC/Inspirational chart during December 2010. The album's lead single, "You Found Me", was released on March 11, 2010. The album's second single, "Beautiful Design", was released on September 21, 2010. The third single "Blame" was released August 23, 2011. Bare completed and released a Christmas EP in November 2011. The albums lead single "Have You Heard" was co-written with American Idol alumni singer Felicia Barton.

Project: When we met with Jason a few months ago we we're racking our brains trying to think of an alubum cover and finally landed on a pretty great idea. We needed something that would not only be different but would make the cover come alive. That idea came in the form of an exploding piano.

The next question was how do we pull this off? We had ideas of hanging different piano elements with wire and it became very complicated so end the end we decided to go the 3D and photoshop route. We bought a few piano keys and also one piano hammer to use for our exploding parts. We took photographs of each of these elements in various angles on a greenscreen then proceeded to add them in and give them various blur effects. Then the elements we couldn't buy and actually blow up we created in 3D and pieced together. To see the design process from start to finish please scroll down the page.

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